Leadership e-Tip 8: Beware of How Your Behavior Affects Others

As an associate of Integro Leadership Institute, I would like to share with you these thoughts about leadership.

When leading a group of people, large or small, it is important to have a clear understanding of how your behavior is perceived by the people who report to you. Continually building your own self-awareness will increase your effectiveness as a leader, and the respect your team members have for you.

Take time out at the end of each day to think about how people have responded to you in the interactions you’ve had:

  • Were they listening to what you said? 
  • Did anyone appear to be impatient with you? 
  • Did they go silent on you or back off? 

These behavioral cues tell you whether your leadership approach is working, or if it needs to be adapted. But to recognize these cues, you have to be looking for them.

It may not register for you immediately that someone has stopped listening to you or that they are getting impatient, because your mind is focused on your own agenda. That is why some reflection time at the end of each day is so valuable so you can learn from the interactions you’ve had that day.

I encourage you to reflect on the following questions.

  1. Have you and your team / employees increased your knowledge in the area of emotional intelligence?
  2. Are you aware that by better understanding your behavior strengths and the impact they have on others you will be able to increase your ability to work together more effectively?
  3. When you are being more effective as a team it will ultimately lead to greater customer service. How important could that be for your organization?

If you feel your answers are not in the best interest of your organization, or if you have any questions or concerns please call or email me, 616-446-5075. or pinky@pmcconsulting.net

Wishing you success in the days ahead,

Pinky McPherson