Leadership e-Tip 6: Engaging Leadership How to Get Ahead of the Curve in Economic Recovery

As an associate with Integro Leadership Institute I would like to share these thoughts about leadership by all employees.

Question: What’s the difference between an organization that thrives in the recovering economy and one that fails?

Answer: Trust

Experts across the world agree if companies are to succeed in the post-economic crisis environment, trust is the key.

Trust between your organization and your customers. Trust between leaders and frontline team members. Trust among the senior executive team. It is the glue that binds together the most successful organizations. And in the aftermath of an economic shock that destroyed trust on so many levels, it will be the single biggest competitive advantage for organizations.

This trust helps to strengthen the following key attributes of organizations that thrive in times of change:

  1. Adaptability as a core competency
  2. Innovation as an integral part of your culture
  3. Engagement and passion at all levels of the organization

Have your leaders developed the level of trust needed for your organization to succeed at the level you would like in today’s competitive market?

Are your people able and ready to anticipate and adjust for tomorrow’s business changes?

Are your employees at all levels excited and engaged in the work they do?

If not I encourage you to meet with me. I have been fortunate to serve many happy clients, and would enjoy being able to serve you and your organization some day.