Cohesive Leadership Teams

“Members of a leadership team can be confident that they’ve mastered this discipline when they can affirm the following statements:

  • The leadership team is small enough (three to ten people) to be effective.
  • Members of the team trust one another and can be genuinely vulnerable with each other.
  • Team members regularly engage in productive, unfiltered conflict around important issues.
  • The team leaves meetings with clear-cut, active, and specific agreements around decisions.
  • Team members hold one another accountable to commitments and behaviors.” (Patrick Lencioni)

It’s easy to say “I trust you,” however in order to build a foundation of trust, team members have to be transparent and honest with one another. This requires being vulnerable with one another, admitting mistakes and asking for help when you need it. Vulnerability-based trust is the foundation of a cohesive team.

It is also important to keep in mind what a leadership team is. I find Patrick Lencioni’s definition very helpful; a leadership team is a small group of people who are collectively responsible for achieving a common objective for their organization.