Leadership e-Tip 7: Passionate Employees – Value Creation – Business Success

Passionate Employees – Value Creation – Business Success

Question: How are these three related to each other?

Answer: When your employees understand and are committed to the purpose of the organization and their job they become passionate about coming to work each day. They understand the importance of doing their best so they can provide added value to the customers and their co-workers. This attitude and workplace culture enables organizations to continue to grow and succeed because of their loyal customers and employees.

The statistics from Gary Hamel’s book The Future of Management listed below reinforce the importance of this issue.

Human Capabilities That Contribute to Value Creation

  • Passion : 35%
  • Creativity: 25%
  • Initiative: 20%
  • Intellect: 15%
  • Diligence: 5%
  • Obedience: 0%

My next questions for you are:

  1. Has your strategic planning for 2012 included investing in the development of your employees beyond the mechanics of their job?
  2. Are you looking for ways to help all levels of employees grow and develop?
  3. Should you?

Wishing you success in the days ahead,

Pinky McPherson