Greater Lowell Community Vision Alliance

A group of 10 Lowell Area Officials and Leaders - 616-897-9161 (Lowell Area Chamber)

Work Completed: Coaching and Facilitating Meetings (first 6 months as this group became a team)

“…Thank you for your services over the last 6 months. You assisted us in moving forward to a very exciting future for the Greater Lowell Community! Your guidance helped all of us to feel very comfortable and most of all to be able to achieve discussions that required us to be open and honest. We are extremely excited to continue our journey in the Greater Lowell Community Vision.”

Ray Duimstra

VP Corporate Banking, Mercantile Bank - 616-242-7792

“I have worked with Pinky extensively on two separate occasions, one recurring monthly project and the other a specific planning, strategizing and task focused project. Pinky’s leadership skills and ability to navigate a complex set of circumstances and objectives was impressive. Pinky has a very diverse background of experiences that allowed her to pull in multiple points of view in providing the leadership and consultation needed for this project.”

Dr. Bobbie Zech and Dr. Kim Mast

Grand River Veterinary Hospital - 616-897-4900

Work Completed: Leadership Development, Team Development, and Strategic Alignment

“Our practice was growing; we were getting ready to build a larger building, and were also having some issues around the hiring of new staff. The sessions for our entire staff about understanding different behavior styles and what motivates that person helped us all better understand the type of employees we needed and why.
As a wrap up to this process, Pinky facilitated a two day retreat to help us refine the purpose, vision, values, and goals for our veterinary hospital. It was a lot of fun and helped our staff and owners develop teams to work on a

  • Marketing plan
  • Manual on policies and procedures
  • Staff education program

After we finished the retreat several staff members inquired when the next sessions would be.”

Liz Baker

Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce - 616-897-9161

Work Completed: Organized and facilitated the opening session of the Lowell Leadership Academy.

  • Team development of the participants
  • Purpose of the program
  • Leadership skills
  • Service project selection